network mediated systems & post-human epistemology

This space is devoted to documenting and discussing online practices of creative collaboration, social emergence, writing/composition, and the evolution of spaces, places, and the communities that socially interact, share, and derive meaning in an increasingly networked and linked-in society.

Opinionaided still figuring out what exactly they are as a platform, and how to better shape user-generated composition & editing in question-asking

Dear xxxx[Opinionaided member], Thanks for being a part of the Opinionaided community. The help you provide to others and the questions you entrust the community to answer are the reason we built this app. As we’re sure you know, the immediate pouring-in of answers when you ask a question is exciting. Most of you are asking great questions at those times when you really need quick opinions. This results in great conversations and a fun and engaging experience for the users that are voting. Asking questions is easy, but recently we’ve seen a lot of folks not taking care to craft their questions properly. Either they don’t understand what the app is for, or they’re looking for a quick way to connect with others and express themselves. This can make it hard for voters to give real feedback. As a result, this content is getting flagged quickly by other users, moderated by the Opinionaided team, or removed by community moderators. While we built the tool for asking questions and helping others, and that remains our core focus, we want you to know that we hear you and know that you want to communicate freely. We are excited to announce that we are working on new social features that allow you to freely express your opinions and make announcements (like friend of the day, star milestones, etc.) to your friends. This new feature will also allow spontaneous group (and one-on-one) conversations. In addition, we’re tweaking the profile, re-designing the Ask page for ease of use, and enhancing the star system to reward people who give the most helpful opinions. While we are working 24/7 on a new release, please recognize that there are people eager to share their thoughts with you, they just need a real question from you to make that happen. And to all those giving helpful opinions, keep an eye out for the new stars and even more exciting rewards coming in the future. TL;DR If you’d like a sneak peek at what we’re working on (and an overview of recent moderation changes), visit our blog. (Dan, Mike, Matt, Marc, Oleg, Dave, Liz, Joyce, Andrew, Vicky, Bryan, Jonathan, Angus and Ollie)

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